Oh? I should stick to graphics? I’m not allowed to have a personal opinion or negative critique about an actor’s performance on a children’s tv show?

I’m well aware he could have been having an “off day” but that’s hardly the point. I really like Benedict and his work; I respect him as an actor, but I was sorely disappointed in that little guest-appearance on a show I very much adored when I was younger.

The sooner everyone stops viewing him as this do-no-wrong Adonis who needs to be protected, while slating anyone and everyone who says something the least bit unfavourable toward him, the better.

So in short: fuck you. I can feel the way I want to feel about that clip, and since I’ve never spoken to you before now, I can say with some confidence that I don’t particularly care what you think.

Why don’t you stick to graphics?

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  2. lolcari said: Do what you like! It’s your blog!
  3. lunadax said: well, for what it’s worth, i really liked his appearance and it’s quite allright if you didnt! but honestly, justifying it as he was maybe not having a good day is rubbish: acting is his job and shouldnt affect performance.
  4. dreamstobecome said: I can’t believe people are telling you not to have an opinion. ANY opinion. This is ridiculous. This is why I left tumblr for a while. :\ Girl you keep kickin it, okay? Keep. kickin. it.
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  6. travellingcuppa said: don’t let those idiots drag you down. These are people who can’t wrap their head around the fact that their idol is just human and people differ in their opinions about them. You weren’t even rude, for god’s sake! Fuck them
  7. cilbas said: this should be the image when you look into tumblr, “welcome to tumblr leave you opinions at the door”
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